About Us

Welcome to Fast Window Repair the premier window repair and restoration service located in the heart of Burbank. We specialize in revamping your windows to ensure they are functional and install new glass.

Foggy vs Clear Glass

Burbank Window Services

Being situated in Burbank, we understand the critical importance and necessity of having robust and durable windows to brave the city's unpredictable weather. Reliability, efficiency, and outstanding service are the cornerstones of our operations here at Fast Window Repair.

Our expert team is equipped with extensive knowledge, broad experience, and the latest industry tools, allowing us to handle a wide array of window repairs and restorations. Whether it’s a simple glass replacement, or a full window overhaul, no job is too big or too small for us.

Other Services

Regular maintenance extends the life of windows, prevents minor issues from escalating into costly repairs, enhances energy efficiency, and helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the building. This includes tasks such as re-caulking, metal reframes and lubricating tracks, or checking and replacing bad window components.

Another service offered is emergency glass repair. Accidents and extreme weather conditions can lead to sudden breakage of windows, posing immediate safety and security risks. A company offering 24/7 emergency glass repair services enables clients to have peace of mind knowing that they can count on prompt response and immediate solutions to their problems during these emergencies.